PEPA CANEL (Costume design, styling and production)

Since 1988 I work in Amsterdam as independent costume designer and costumes maker for the performing arts, film, television and advertising.

The works carried out have been of several types:

Realization of costumes:

The National Opera of Amsterdam, for choir and soloists, in productions under the direction of, among others: Pierre Audi, Peter Greenaway, Lluis Pasqual, Gerardjan Rijnders.

Theater companies such as: Doodpaard, Het toneel Speelt, Toneelmakerij, Theater Compagnie.

Costume assistant:

Film, TV and advertising with: Monica Petit, Aleta Kraan, Linda Bogers, Margriet Procée.

Costume design:

Theater and dance productions: Achterdebergprodukties, L’Slovaks Dance Collectief, David Zambrano, Helena Lizari.

Realization of performances and projects:

The Anatomy of the Waag, Formas Performance, Advertising posters for the Koningsstraat, Panorama Nieuwmarkt.

”Quality is for me leading”

”There is no better remuneration than a job well done”