Followed by the need to develop my social and human interests, along with the search for an enrichment in my professional and personal path, in February 2018 I graduated as career and life coach at the Vista Nova Institute for coaching studies in Utrecht (Holland).

This study is recognized within the competency protocols of St! R and NOLOC.

The work I do with my clients is based mainly on the method of Adrian Hoogendijk.

Consistent in the recognition of qualities = acceptance and vitality = mission discovery.

And using Lemniscat as a base, starting from the present we investigate the past, we relate it to the present to focus on the future.

The realization of exercises, games, visualizations and questions help to find the answers we were looking for.

My command of Spanish and Dutch means that I can offer coaching in both languages.

Specialized in intercultural diversity and talent development.

At the same time, the fact of being resident in the Netherlands for 30 years and having experienced what this means in personal and professional relationships, also makes it possible to better understand and identify with people in similar situations. Hence, I am interested in clients with cultural diversity.

My ideal is to contribute to creating a world in which all people feel fulfilled in their work and in their lives.

Choose a job that you like and you will not have to work a day of your life.




Maria Teresa Dony Paz:

Impressed by how well Josefina expresses herself in Dutch!

I had not realized that certain things were the “red thread” in my life!


Sylvia Verwaal:

… has shown a great understanding of the human psyche and clearly has the matter in his fingers.


Louisa Schnabel:

I experienced Pepa as a nice, warm and honest trainer. It was good that she repeatedly pointed out the important problems and also that she me will faced with recurrent patterns.



€100 per session excl BTW

(Approximately 6 sessions of an hour and a half are required)